Inaugural Research Workshop: New Directions in Place Management

On Nov. 2, 2018, the opening session of the first research workshop hosted by Georgetown University celebrated the diversity and vitality present in different kinds of place management organizations across the region. Whether described by size, stakeholders, governance, metro location, urban context, responsibilities or activities…each organization was different, but united in sustaining their community and place in their own way.
After the first session, Philip Sheldrake, Visiting Fellow of the Georgetown Global Cities Initiative and Fred Kent, founder of the Project for Public Spaces, delivered inspiring keynote addresses meant to reinforce attendee’s commitments to making great places centered around and built for people.
Following these inspiring talks, attendees broke into various working groups focused on topic areas including: Research and Reporting Practices, Public Realm and Parks, Investment Management, Social Inclusion and Health & Well-being. Continue reading “Inaugural Research Workshop: New Directions in Place Management”